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Trust Original HP Supplies

When cheap toners don’t do their job, can you do yours?

Count on Original HP toner cartridges, designed to deliver impressive, consistent print quality and uncompromised performance.

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Up to twice the prints – on average – compared to refilled cartridges tested.1

Only Original HP ink delivers superior quality 100% of the time.1

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What People are saying about cheap printer supplies:

This was an eye-opening challenge for me. I thought the refill ink would produce the same results as the original and it doesn’t. There’s just something “weak” looking about the colors. I would definitely have to reprint them before showing them to a client. As of now, I’m an original HP ink fan.2

– Christine F.

I will never bother buying refill ink again. It’s not worth the couple bucks you appear to be saving in cost when the fact of the matter is that it will run out faster and might just fail right from the get go. Why bother? Just stick with the genuine stuff.2

– Aracely W.

I was generally expecting to love refill ink as much as original, but was seriously let down by the quality after a really short amount of time. I believed refill ink was going to be a bargain – and by price alone, it really is – but if it can only print a small fraction of the pages the original ink can then it’s no bargain at all.2

– Sarah A.